1Boom I
80 x 60 cm.
Ink on Summeroak on panel
1Boom II/Driftwood >>
80 x 60 cm.
Summeroak on panel

1Boom III/Driftwood
80 x 60 cm.
Summeroak on panel
1Tree project

73 works made out of 1 single,
beautiful Summer Oak, Quercus Robur,
by 73 artists and woodworkers.

All the works have been travelling in
exhibition troughout the Netherlands
for a year just to show the importance
of wood for our society. But most
of all: to show the beauty of wood!

Also captured in the book 1Boom
Exhibition Museum >>
Waterland 1Boom Regoort
& van Gent
The work starts with 1: sawing the wood into
veneer, 2: selecting the grain, colour and then
3: fitting the parts of the image I have in mind,
divided into patterns.
4:After assembling and pressing, colour will be
On 1Boom II and 1Boom III I have used the
tanine that;s in the wood itself to create depth
and shadow.

1Boom work I