An ancient discussion: What is art?

'In my vision art is an emotion something one
A painting that makes one turn around to look
again, a statue one hás to touch or a poem
that makes ones mind dwell.

I began to work in 1994 as an independent
artist. First with the focus on painting and
later extended with etching, Kinwashicollages
and woodcollages.
There have been a lot of exhibitions all over
the Netherlands and abroad, for some
highlights see page ex-exhibitions.

The meaning of my work must be found in
colour, line, form and composition.
Since 2009 I work with woodveneer in a
innovative self-developed manner, unique
and using exclusive veneer.
Currently nature and wood play the lead and
there is a development towards abstract

I take nature out of her context and pose her
at an unexpected background, sometimes
figurative but often confusingly abstract and
always evoking an emotion...'

Zuidoostbeemster, the Netherlands

Artists Statement

Born in Ameide, the Netherlands, in March
Raised in Amsterdam, studied languages and
works as an independant artist since 1994.
Lives and works with partner-in-life-and-wood
Regoort in Beemster, the Netherlands.